Oxford Cemetery Interment records

note: To protect privacy, only the top half of the front of the interment card is available online.
A (133)
B (640)
C (388)
D (284)
E (83)
F (264)
G (240)
H (531)
I (35)
J (122)
K (249)
L (241)
M (587)
N (85)
O (78)
P (212)
Q (4)
R (311)
S (658)
T (134)
U (30)
V (40)
W (460)
X (0)
Y (37)
Z (13)
New (0)

 Tanner, Helen
 Tappan, Lucy
 Taylor, David
 Taylor, Dorothy Wood
 Taylor, G
 Taylor, George A
 Taylor, Hxn
 Taylor, John Calvin
 Taylor, Josephine Javiland
 Taylor, Orange
 Taylor, Paul W
 Taylor, Phebe
 Taylor, Randy Lee
 Taylor, Shirley Lee
 Taylor, Susan
 Taylor, William N
 Teague, Lizzie
 Teegarden, David
 Teegarden, Elitha
 Teetzel, Alan
 Teetzel, Donald
 Teetzel, Eva
 Teetzel, Frederick
 Teetzel, Maxine
 Temple, Abigail
 Temple, C R A
 Terbehn, Sarah
 Tetley, Maritha
 Tetley, Thomas
 Thacker, Donna
 Tharp, Bessie
 Tharp, Grover
 Tharp, Josephine
 Tharp, Naomi
 Tharp, Roy
 Thatcher, Alberta
 Thatcher, George
 Thatcher, Infant
 Thatcher, Jeffery
 Theodule, Maerteacre
 Thesken, Caroline
 Thesken, Earl
 Thies, Elizabeth
 Thobe, Harry
 Thobe, Hyla
 Thobe, Ralph

 Thomas, Beatrice
 Thomas, Charles
 Thomas, Clara
 Thomas, Mary
 Thomas, Theadore
 Thompson, Bertha
 Thompson, David
 Thompson, Etha
 Thompson, Garrett
 Thompson, Hannah
 Thompson, Jennie
 Thompson, John
 Thompson, Viola
 Thompson, Warren
 Thornpse, Amy
 Tiffany, Ann
 Tiffany, Charlotte
 Tiffany, Huldah
 Tiffany, Joseph
 Tiffany, Nancy
 Tiffany, Susanah
 Tilson, Betty
 Timberman, Charlotte
 Timberman, William
 Tingle, Charles
 Tingle, Opal
 Tippin, Infant
 Toadvine, Jane
 Tobeson, Leonard
 Tobeson, Virginia
 Tobey, Fannie
 Tobey, Walter
 Todd, Anna
 Todd, Bessie
 Todd, Frank
 Todd, Hugh
 Todd, James
 Todd, Jane
 Todd, Jeanette
 Todd, John
 Todd, Kenneth
 Todd, Mabel
 Todd, Margaret
 Todd, Marion
 Todd, Maynard
 Todd, Nelle

 Todd, Prudence
 Todd, Robert
 Todd, Samuel
 Todd, Savannah
 Todd, Thomas
 Todd, William
 Toler, Mary
 Toles, John
 Tothen, George
 Tothen, W
 Towhy, Katherine
 Townsend, Treva
 Treick, Ronald
 Treick, Steven
 Trent, Jimmie
 Tribby, Franklin
 Tribby, Mary
 Tribby, Nancy
 Triplett, Blanche
 Trump, John M
 Trump, Joyce
 Tucker, Alexander
 Tucker, Alice
 Tucker, Clarence
 Tucker, Eliza
 Tucker, Elizabeth
 Tucker, Elma
 Tucker, Helena
 Tucker, Lena
 Tucker, Margaret
 Tucker, Tammie
 Tucker, William
 Tuder, Dorotha
 Tudor, James
 Tuell, Nathalie
 Tuell, Samuel
 Tull, Chambers
 Tull, Margaret
 Tung, John
 Turnbaugh, Jean
 Tuttley, Martha
 Twohy, David