Oxford Cemetery Interment records

note: To protect privacy, only the top half of the front of the interment card is available online.
A (139)
B (645)
C (395)
D (289)
E (86)
F (270)
G (246)
H (537)
I (38)
J (127)
K (253)
L (247)
M (603)
N (87)
O (77)
P (218)
Q (4)
R (319)
S (691)
T (137)
U (32)
V (41)
W (479)
X (0)
Y (37)
Z (13)

 Sadler, Clifford
 Sadler, Cordelia
 Sadler, Edward
 Sadler, Elijah Dwight
 Sadler, Elijah
 Sadler, Elizabeth
 Sadler, Estella
 Sadler, Fannie
 Sadler, George
 Sadler, Jerome
 Sadler, Marietta
 Sadler, Martha
 Sadler, Mary
 Sadler, Sarah
 Sadler, William K
 Salmon, Ada
 Salmon, George
 Salzarulo, Peter
 Sandro, Audley
 Sandro, Donald
 Sanford, Russell
 Sanford, Vada
 Sanft, Irene
 Santavicca, Faye A
 Santavicca, Gildo Gene
 Saunders, Donald
 Saunders, Dora
 Saunders, Ethel
 Saunders, Frederick
 Saunders, Helen
 Saunders, Henry
 Saunders, James M
 Saunders, James
 Saunders, Laura
 Saunders, Matilda
 Saunders, Paul
 Sawyer, Albie
 Sawyer, Dewey
 Sawyer, Mary E
 Sawyers, James E
 Sawyers, James Earl
 Sawyers, Mittie Louise
 Sayers, Alama
 Sayers, Elzie
 Sayers, Florence
 Sayler, Catherine
 Sayler, Infant
 Sayler, John
 Sayler, Maud
 Sayler, Orange
 Saylor, John
 Schaefer, Trilby
 Scheverting, Unknown
 Schiefer, Carl
 Schiely, Clifford
 Schiller, Paul J
 Schlenck, Addie
 Schlenck, Allie
 Schlenck, Charlotte
 Schlenck, Gustave
 Schlenck, John
 Schlenck, Mary
 Schlenck, Moritz
 Schlenck, Robert
 Schlenk, Emma
 Schlenk, Infant
 Schlenk, Moritz
 Schmerting, Frank
 Schmerting, Norman
 Schmitt, Eunice
 Schmitz, Anna
 Schmitz, Janet
 Schocke, Albert
 Schocke, Emmett
 Schocke, Frederick
 Schocke, Julia
 Schocke, Lulu
 Schocke, Mildred
 Schocke, Nora
 Schocke, Robert
 Schockey, Thomas
 Scholl, Robert Lee
 Schollar, Marie
 Schonwald, Evelyn
 Schoonover, Destiny
 Schriever, Ellen
 Schriever, Harold
 Schumacher, Mildred
 Schumacher, Paul
 Schwab, Harry
 Schwab, Mildred
 Schwartz, Norma
 Schwegman, Al
 Schweigert, Blanche
 Scott, Anna
 Scott, Edith
 Scott, Edward S
 Scott, Edward
 Scott, Ester
 Scott, Louise
 Scott, Margaret
 Scott, Martha
 Scott, Robert
 Scott, Russell
 Scudder, Hannah
 Scudder, Helen
 Scudder, J W
 Scudder, John
 Scudder, Laura
 Scudder, Martha
 Scudder, Mary
 Scudder, Rebecca
 Scudder, Sarah
 Seeley, Ella
 Seeley, Frederick
 Seeley, J C
 Seeley, Lida
 Seeley, Lulu
 Seeley, Mother
 Seellers, Anna
 Seely, Betty
 Seely, John
 Seering, E C
 Selby, Isabella
 Selby, Joseph
 Selby, Mina
 Seltzer, George
 Seltzer, Mildred
 Selves, Ada
 Selves, Charles
 Selves, Chester
 Selves, John
 Selves, Susan
 Selves, Wilford
 Settle, Mary
 Sexton, Armstead
 Sexton, Edna
 Sexton, Grace
 Sexton, Hardigg
 Shafer, Jennie
 Shafer, Marial
 Shafer, Michael
 Shane, Martha
 Shannon, Nettie
 Sharp, Robert
 Sharp, William
 Shaw, Margaret
 Shawver, Leone
 Shawver, Robert
 Sheard, Ada
 Sheard, Albert
 Sheard, Alice
 Sheard, Alma
 Sheard, Alonzo
 Sheard, Andy
 Sheard, Asa
 Sheard, Audrey
 Sheard, Benjamin
 Sheard, Cara
 Sheard, Carl
 Sheard, Charles
 Sheard, Clifford
 Sheard, David
 Sheard, Eliza
 Sheard, Elizabeth
 Sheard, Elmer
 Sheard, Emma
 Sheard, George
 Sheard, Hanby
 Sheard, Hannah
 Sheard, Harriet
 Sheard, Infant
 Sheard, Irene
 Sheard, Isabelle
 Sheard, J arthur
 Sheard, James
 Sheard, Jefferson
 Sheard, Jesse
 Sheard, John
 Sheard, Katy
 Sheard, Lee
 Sheard, Lillian
 Sheard, Lillie
 Sheard, Lota
 Sheard, Lucy
 Sheard, Lulu
 Sheard, Lyman
 Sheard, Marjorie
 Sheard, Marvin
 Sheard, Mary
 Sheard, Norman
 Sheard, Pansy
 Sheard, Phoebe
 Sheard, Rachel
 Sheard, Raymond
 Sheard, Samuel
 Sheard, Sarah
 Sheard, Seth
 Sheard, Walter
 Sheard, William
 Shearman, Harold
 Sheffield, Clifford
 Sheffield, James
 Shellhouse, David A
 Shellhouse, Dessa H
 Shellhouse, Harold
 Shellhouse, Mervin Meele
 Shellhouse, Norma
 Shepherd, Scott
 Shepherd, Tiffany
 Shera, Anna
 Shera, Caleb
 Shera, Charles
 Shera, Dorothy
 Shera, Fannie
 Shera, George Munns
 Shera, George
 Shera, Hattie
 Shera, John
 Shera, Margaret
 Shera, Philip
 Shera, Sarah
 Shera, Unknown
 Shera, Virginia
 Shera, William
 Sheriff, Arretha
 Shetterley, Georgia
 Shideler, Katherine
 Shideler, William
 Shields, Fannie
 Shinkle, Arthur

 Shinkle, Caroline
 Shinkle, Octavia
 Shockey, Albert
 Shockey, Edna
 Shockey, Harry
 Shockey, Joseph
 Shockey, Joseph
 Shockey, Lucinda
 Shockey, Ruth
 Shockley, Edith
 Shockley, Gladys
 Shockley, Robert
 Shoemaker, Charles
 Shoemaker, Mary
 Shook, Allie
 Shook, Charles
 Shook, Clarence
 Shook, Cynthia
 Shook, John
 Shook, Laura
 Shook, Melissa
 Shook, Samuel
 Showkeir, James
 Showkeir, Jean
 Shrider, Richard
 Shriner, Mary
 Shriner, Peter
 Shriner, Roy E
 Shriver, Darce Damaris
 Shriver, Martha Damaris
 Shriver, Phillip R
 Shue, John
 Shue, Savanna
 Shugert, Eleanor
 Shugert, Hamilton
 Shugert, Jean
 Shugert, Warner
 Shuler, Edna
 Shuler, Harley
 Shuler, Jessica
 Shuler, Judson
 Shuler, Ronold
 Shultz, Ann
 Sihenge, Unknown
 Silvers, Horatio
 Silvers, Lydia
 Silverstein, Lee
 Simmon, Andrew
 Simmons, Beatrice
 Simmons, Mary
 Simmons, Nelson
 Simmons, Permelia
 Simmons, Washington
 Simonson, Ida
 Simonson, Walter
 Simpson, Charles
 Simpson, George
 Simpson, Graves
 Simpson, Hiram
 Simpson, Irene
 Simpson, Issaline
 Simpson, John R
 Simpson, John
 Simpson, Maybella
 Singleton, Iris
 Singleton, Loyd
 Singleton, Ronald
 Sizelove, Enna
 Sizelove, George
 Sizelove, Lindley
 Sizelove, Maggie
 Sizelove, Rebecca
 Sizelove, Wallie
 Sizemore, Boyd H
 Sizemore, Clay
 Sizemore, Cledith Kaye
 Sizemore, Cleova
 Sizemore, Edna
 Sizemore, Eldon
 Sizemore, Elissa
 Sizemore, Ford
 Sizemore, Justion Ray
 Sizemore, Kenneth
 Sizemore, Lonnie
 Sizemore, Malvery
 Sizemore, Martha E
 Sizemore, Oscar
 Sizemore, Rhoda
 Sizemore, William
 Skinner, George
 Skinner, Jane
 Sleicher, Jennie
 Sloan, Infant
 Sloan, Jessie
 Sloane, Alfred
 Sloane, Ann
 Sloane, Dwight
 Sloane, Frank
 Sloane, Sterling
 Sloat, Allie
 Sloat, Elizabeth
 Sloat, Etta
 Sloat, Isac
 Sloat, Lula
 Sloat, Mary
 Sloate, William
 Sloats, Infant
 Sloneker, Addie
 Sloneker, Albine
 Sloneker, Carole
 Sloneker, Hallie
 Sloneker, Jacob
 Sloneker, Sarah
 Small, George William
 Small, James
 Small, Juanita
 Small, Keppel O
 Smelser, Andrew
 Smelser, Emma
 Smelser, John
 Smelser, Mary
 Smelser, Ruth
 Smiley, Anna
 Smiley, Emma
 Smiley, James
 Smiley, Mary
 Smiley, Patrick
 Smith, A F
 Smith, Abigail
 Smith, Adeline
 Smith, Agnes
 Smith, Alison
 Smith, Amanda
 Smith, Andrew
 Smith, Anna
 Smith, Anne Modder
 Smith, Bertha
 Smith, Bessie
 Smith, Bettie
 Smith, Beulah
 Smith, Boyd
 Smith, Caleb
 Smith, Carval
 Smith, Catherine
 Smith, Charles
 Smith, Clarence
 Smith, Clifton
 Smith, Cyrus
 Smith, Dane K
 Smith, Daniel
 Smith, Dorothy
 Smith, Dwight
 Smith, E D
 Smith, E G
 Smith, Earl
 Smith, Edith
 Smith, Edward
 Smith, Elijah
 Smith, Elizabeth
 Smith, Elmer
 Smith, Estella
 Smith, Ethelinda
 Smith, Fred R
 Smith, Fred
 Smith, George
 Smith, Hanes
 Smith, Harry
 Smith, Hazel
 Smith, Helen
 Smith, Henry
 Smith, Holloway
 Smith, Infant
 Smith, J W
 Smith, James A
 Smith, James A
 Smith, James B
 Smith, James E
 Smith, James M
 Smith, James
 Smith, Jane
 Smith, Jay
 Smith, Jemima
 Smith, Jerusha
 Smith, Jessica
 Smith, Joh D
 Smith, John
 Smith, Johnson
 Smith, Joseph
 Smith, Josephine
 Smith, Joshua
 Smith, Joshua_allen
 Smith, Josiah
 Smith, Josiah
 Smith, Lawrence
 Smith, Leo
 Smith, Leroy
 Smith, Lillie
 Smith, Linda
 Smith, Linda
 Smith, Loretta
 Smith, Lucy
 Smith, Mabel
 Smith, Margaret
 Smith, Martha
 Smith, Mathew
 Smith, Michael
 Smith, Nancy
 Smith, Nonie
 Smith, Owen
 Smith, Palmer
 Smith, Rachel
 Smith, Raymon
 Smith, Richard V
 Smith, Richard
 Smith, Robert H
 Smith, Ronald Earl
 Smith, Roxy
 Smith, Ruth
 Smith, S W
 Smith, Sallie
 Smith, Samuel
 Smith, Sarah
 Smith, Shirley
 Smith, Solomon
 Smith, Stella
 Smith, Thomas
 Smith, Truman
 Smith, Unknown
 Smith, W P
 Smith, Willard
 Smith, William George

 Smith, William H Jr
 Smith, William H
 Smith, William L
 Smith, William T
 Smith, William T
 Smith, William
 Smith, William
 Smithson, Elizabeth
 Smtih, Dantha
 Sneed, Mildred
 Sneed, Samuel
 Snider, Geneva
 Snider, John
 Snider, Joseph
 Snider, Laura
 Snively, Charles
 Snively, Unknown
 Snivley, Martha
 Snook, Katharine
 Snyder, Eula
 Snyder, Eulalo
 Snyder, Frank
 Snyder, Lois
 Snyder, Nelle
 Solyer, Margaret
 Sotteau, Leticia
 Sotteau, Pierre
 Spade, Charles
 Spade, Dorothy
 Spangler, Joe E
 Sparks, Kathryn
 Spegal, Russell
 Spegal, Sherry
 Spegal, Sophia
 Speh, Michele
 Spenceley, Luanne
 Spenceley, Rheba
 Spenceley, Robert
 Spencely, George
 Spencer, Harry
 Spencer, Julia
 Spencer, Margaret
 Staats, Lorin
 Stacy, Eugenia
 Stacy, Glen Max
 Stadnyk, William
 Stahlheber, Dorotha Sue
 Stahlheber, Edwin
 Stahlheber, Luella
 Stahlheber, Myron
 Stamm, Achsa
 Stammer, Mary
 Stang, Georgia
 Stark, Alice
 Stark, Mary
 Stark, orton
 Starkey, Joan M
 Starkey, Russell Bruce Jr
 Statum, Alma
 Statum, Mitzie
 Staufer, Margaret
 Stauffer, Daisy
 Stearns, Ida
 Stebbins, Charles
 Stebbins, Cliffood
 Stebbins, E
 Stebbins, Glenn
 Stebbins, Henry
 Stebbins, Hester
 Stebbins, Infant
 Stebbins, John
 Stebbins, Julia
 Stebbins, Lycurgan
 Stebbins, Unknown
 Stebbins, William
 Steele, Earl
 Steele, Infant
 Steele, Jack
 Steele, Joseph
 Steele, Louise
 Steele, Margaret
 Steele, Martha
 Steele, Myrtle
 Steele, Pete
 Stephen, Jevins
 Stephenson, Alexander
 Stephenson, Bertha
 Stephenson, Charles
 Stephenson, Darby
 Stephenson, David
 Stephenson, Edwin
 Stephenson, Flora
 Stephenson, George
 Stephenson, Georgia
 Stephenson, Hugh
 Stephenson, Infant
 Stephenson, J S
 Stephenson, Jennie
 Stephenson, John
 Stephenson, Julie
 Stephenson, Malinda
 Stephenson, Margaret
 Stephenson, Mary
 Stephenson, Melinda
 Stephenson, Minnie
 Stephenson, P J
 Stephenson, R C
 Stephenson, Robert
 Stephenson, Robert
 Stephenson, Ruth
 Stephenson, Samuel
 Stephenson, Sarah
 Stephenson, Susanna
 Stephenson, T J
 Stephenson, Thelma
 Stephenson, Walter
 Stephenson, Wayne
 Stephenson, William
 Sterne, Ann
 Sterne, George
 Sterne, May
 Sterne, W W
 Stevens, Rachel
 Stevens, Susan
 Stewart, Anneh
 Stewart, Arthur
 Stewart, Chester
 Stewart, David
 Stewart, Flora
 Stewart, Infant
 Stewart, Isabella
 Stewart, John
 Stewart, Laura
 Stewart, Lena
 Stewart, Margaret
 Stewart, Martha
 Stewart, Mary
 Stewart, Robert
 Stewart, Samuel
 Stewart, William H
 Stewart, William J
 Stewart, William Thomas
 Stewart, William
 Stibbens, Unknown
 Stibbins, Martha
 Stillwell, Missouri
 Stillwell, Rebecca
 Stilwell, Martha
 Stiner, Clyde
 Stith, Infant
 Stitzel, Ellen
 Stoats, Esther
 Stoats, Lorin
 Stone, Francis
 Stork, A
 Stork, Adam
 Stork, Christian
 Stork, Clyde
 Stork, Emeline
 Stork, Fred
 Stork, George
 Stork, Jane
 Stork, Laura
 Stork, Oliver
 Stout, George
 Stout, Harry
 Stout, Helen
 Stout, Ira
 Stout, John
 Stout, Mary
 Stout, Myrtle
 Stout, Nancy
 Stout, Norman
 Stout, Ora
 Stout, Rebecca
 Stout, Winifred
 Stow, Sidney
 Strater, George
 Straus, Linda
 Street, Diane
 Strunk, Jeremy
 Study, Alice Marie
 Study, Bernard Lee
 Sturgeon, James Porter Jr
 Stutz, Laura
 Styhr, Elizabeth
 Styhr, Henry
 Styhr, Jennie
 Styhr, Louis
 Styhr, Louisa
 Styhr, Mary
 Styhr, Philip
 Sukasi, Anendorao
 Sukasi, Devapala
 Sullenberger, Ada
 Sullenberger, Bertha
 Sullenberger, Edward
 Sullenberger, Grafton C
 Sullenberger, Grafton
 Sullenberger, Harriet
 Sullenberger, Helen
 Sullenberger, Louis
 Sullivan, Deidre
 Summers, Edna
 Summers, Greenbury
 Summers, Harry Arthur
 Summers, Harry
 Summers, Mary
 Summers, Maude
 Summers, Suzanne
 Surface, Sarah
 Sutphin, Agnes
 Sutton, Mary
 Sutton, Peter
 Sutton, S A
 Sutton, Sarah
 Swafford, Anna
 Swailes, Faith
 Swailes, Infant
 Swailes, Keith
 Swainey, Roberta
 Swan, Caroline
 Swan, John
 Swan, Louise
 Swan, William
 Sweetses, Arthur
 Swing, E C
 Syring, Anne
 Syring, Rudolf