Oxford Cemetery Interment records

note: To protect privacy, only the top half of the front of the interment card is available online.
A (139)
B (650)
C (398)
D (293)
E (87)
F (276)
G (249)
H (541)
I (38)
J (129)
K (255)
L (249)
M (609)
N (87)
O (78)
P (227)
Q (4)
R (321)
S (696)
T (138)
U (32)
V (41)
W (489)
X (0)
Y (38)
Z (13)

 Jackson, Anna
 Jackson, Catherine
 Jackson, Delia
 Jackson, Edward Alex
 Jackson, Hardy
 Jackson, Helen
 Jackson, Hugh
 Jackson, John
 Jackson, Karen
 Jackson, Kathryn
 Jackson, Kathy
 Jackson, Lydia
 Jackson, Marian Ellen Carroll
 Jackson, Mary
 Jackson, Qulla
 Jackson, Samuel
 Jacobs, Carey I
 Jacobs, Carey
 Jacobs, Charles
 Jacobs, Infant
 Jacobs, Lena
 Jakutis, Verna
 James, Daniel
 James, John Henry
 James, Wilma Jean
 Jameson, John
 Jantzen, Carl
 Jaqui, Harold
 Jaqui, Mary
 Jasper, Harold
 Jeck, Eileen
 Jeck, Howard Shaffield
 Jeffries, Mary
 Jellies, Marie
 Jellison, Kathleen
 Jellison, Richard
 Jenkins, Charles
 Jenkins, Noble
 Jenkins, Sarah
 Jessup, Emily
 Jetzache, Bertha
 Jewell, Barbara
 Jewell, Daniel
 Jewell, George

 Jewell, Jennie
 Jewell, Joseph
 Jewell, Lewis
 Jewell, Mary
 Jewell, Myrtle
 Jewell, Paul
 Jewell, S J
 Jewell, Walter
 Jockson, Mrs M
 Jocon, Mrs M
 Johnson, Albert Victor
 Johnson, Alexander
 Johnson, Ben
 Johnson, Benjamin
 Johnson, Catherine
 Johnson, Clarence
 Johnson, Clifford
 Johnson, Daisy
 Johnson, David clark
 Johnson, Delia
 Johnson, Edith
 Johnson, Emma
 Johnson, Eunice Norton
 Johnson, George
 Johnson, Gertrude
 Johnson, Gilbert
 Johnson, Harriett
 Johnson, Harry
 Johnson, Henry Charles
 Johnson, Henry
 Johnson, Infant
 Johnson, Isaac
 Johnson, Isacc
 Johnson, Joseph
 Johnson, Maria
 Johnson, Martha
 Johnson, Mildred
 Johnson, Molly
 Johnson, Norma Jean
 Johnson, Philena
 Johnson, Thomas
 Johnson, Wilborn
 Johnson, William H
 Johnston, J edwin

 Johnston, Laura
 Johnston, Martha
 Johnston, R B
 Jones, Barbara
 Jones, Benton
 Jones, Bertha
 Jones, Bonita
 Jones, C T
 Jones, Elizabeth
 Jones, Finley
 Jones, Flora
 Jones, Harvey
 Jones, Ida
 Jones, Isabella
 Jones, Kathryn
 Jones, Laura
 Jones, Lorinda
 Jones, Lucilla
 Jones, Ludlum
 Jones, Lydia
 Jones, Martha
 Jones, Mary
 Jones, Maude
 Jones, Minerva
 Jones, Morton
 Jones, Neil
 Jones, Nicholas
 Jones, Orin
 Jones, Philip
 Jones, Sarah
 Jones, Tabitha
 Jones, Violetta
 Jones, Walter
 Jones, William
 Joseph, Alfred
 Joseph, Deborah
 Jowdy, Infant
 Jowdy, Ruth
 Joyner, Fred
 Joyner, Mae
 Judd, Pearl