Oxford Cemetery Interment records

note: To protect privacy, only the top half of the front of the interment card is available online.
A (139)
B (645)
C (395)
D (289)
E (86)
F (270)
G (246)
H (537)
I (38)
J (127)
K (253)
L (247)
M (603)
N (87)
O (77)
P (218)
Q (4)
R (319)
S (691)
T (137)
U (32)
V (41)
W (479)
X (0)
Y (37)
Z (13)

 Caldwell, Barbara Cary
 Caldwell, Charles F
 Caldwell, Isaac W
 Caldwell, James R
 Caldwell, John C
 Caldwell, Laura W
 Caldwell, Margaret
 Caldwell, Mary Jane
 Caldwell, Stephen
 Caldwell, William A
 Cameron, Charles
 Cameron, James Edwin
 Cameron, Marietta
 Cameron, Mary
 Cameron, Susanna
 Cameron, W J
 Campbell, Eliza
 Campbell, James
 Campbell, Jane
 Campbell, Julia
 Campbell, Mary Elizabeth
 Campbell, Sarah
 Campbell, William
 Campbell, Willie
 Cantrell, Joseph C
 Cantrell, Margaret
 Capel, Charles
 Capel, June
 Capps, Alphine
 Capps, Bob
 Capretta, Patrick
 Carl, Esther A
 Carl, Melvin
 Carlton, James
 Carmack, James
 Carmack, Martha
 Carmack, Paul
 Carmack, William Mark
 Carnahan, Anna
 Carnahan, J P
 Carnahan, Nancy
 Carnehan, John
 Carpenter, David
 Carpenter, Ken Chrales
 Carpenter, Olive
 Carr, Alesander
 Carr, Anne
 Carr, Aurelia
 Carr, Edna
 Carr, Eleanor
 Carr, Elijah
 Carr, Elizabeth
 Carr, Elsie
 Carr, Franklin
 Carr, James
 Carr, Maude
 Carr, Nancy H
 Carr, Phoebe
 Carr, Robert
 Carr, Samuel
 Carr, Sarah
 Carr, Thomas
 Carr, William
 Carson, Ella
 Carson, Oscar
 Cartwright, Thomas
 Cartwright, Valora
 Case, Louise
 Case, Margaret
 Casey, Helen
 Cassatt, William Wartman
 Cathcart, Elizabeth
 Cathcart, Jane Horner
 Cathcart, William
 Caudill, Ada
 Caudill, Dalna
 Caudill, Henderson
 Caudill, Henry
 Caudill, Leslie
 Chamberlain, Elijah
 Chamberlain, Infant
 Chamberlain, John
 Chaney, James
 Chaney, Nancy
 Chaney, Willie
 Chappars, Doris
 Chappars, George
 Chappars, Greg
 Chappars, Helen
 Chappars, Hercules Steve
 Chappars, Josephine
 Chappars, Mary
 Chappars, Michael
 Chappars, Peter
 Chappers, Mary
 Chappers, Stephen
 Charles, Elliott
 Charles, Hershel
 Charles, Mable
 Chatten, Angeline
 Chatten, Benjamin
 Chatten, Edward
 Chatten, Elizabeth
 Chatten, Florence
 Chatten, Franke
 Chatten, George
 Chatten, Grace
 Chatten, Henry
 Chatten, John Edward
 Chatten, Kennard
 Chatten, Margaret Ann
 Chatten, Mary E
 Chatten, Samuel
 Chatters, Sallie
 Chenault, Larry A
 Chenning, Bessie
 Cheseldine, D C
 Cheseldine, Francis Marion
 Cheseldine, Harriet
 Choi, Helen
 Chowning, Charles
 Clark, Albert
 Clark, Alice Myrta
 Clark, Dorothy Jammie
 Clark, Frank Lowry
 Clark, Fred L
 Clark, Harriet
 Clark, Harry
 Clark, Infant
 Clark, Jean
 Clark, Lucille Tharp
 Clark, Natalie R
 Clark, Rauson Butler

 Clark, Rebecah
 Clark, Richard
 Clark, Robert
 Clark, William
 Clawson, Barbra B
 Clawson, Hugh W
 Clay, Lois J
 Claybaugh, Albrigerda Albrigerda
 Claybaugh, David E
 Claybaugh, David
 Claybaugh, Henry
 Claybaugh, James
 Claybaugh, John G
 Claybaugh, Joseph
 Claybaugh, Margaret Bonner
 Claybaugh, Mary
 Clayton, E Lee
 Clayton, Fredrick Timothy
 Clayton, Pearl
 Clayton, Ryan
 Clegg, Phillip
 Clemmons, Thelma
 Clendening, Andrew
 Clendenning, Sallie
 Cleveland, Clara
 Clevenger, Bessie
 Clevenger, Orville
 Clevenger, Ruth Enlyn
 Clevenger, Shirley Ann
 Clevenger, Zelma
 Cline, Nancy
 Cline, Owen
 Clokey, Joseph
 Clough, Alonzo
 Clough, Charles
 Clough, Edward
 Clough, Eleanor
 Clough, Ethlyn
 Clough, Helen
 Clough, Henry
 Clough, John
 Clough, Louella
 Clough, Louisa
 Clough, Mabel
 Clough, Merwin
 Clough, Minerva
 Clough, William
 Clute, Allen
 Clute, Ann
 Clute, Edward
 Clute, Mary
 Cocanougher, John
 Cocanougher, Josephine
 Coddington, Emily
 Coddington, William
 Coe, James
 Coe, Mary
 Cohen, Jack E
 Coklin, Martha
 Cole, Edward
 Cole, Foster
 Coleman, Anna
 Coleman, Infant
 Coleman, Joseph
 Coleman, Laura
 Coleman, Louisa
 Coleman, Lulu
 Coleman, Matilda
 Coles, Charles
 Colgate, Rosemary
 Collins, Carrie
 Collins, Constance
 Collins, Edna
 Collins, Elizabeth
 Collins, Frank
 Collins, Joel
 Collins, Mabel Elizabeth
 Coltharp, Jerry Ray
 Coltharp, Richard Todd
 Colville, Bessie
 Colville, Elias Jay
 Colville, Jay Elias
 Cone, Adelia Wells
 Cone, Emma
 Cone, Francis
 Cone, Franklin
 Cone, George
 Cone, Harriet Faber
 Cone, Harry
 Cone, Mary
 Cone, Peleg
 Cone, Richard
 Cone, Selden
 Conklin, Anna Leota
 Conklin, Betty Bessie
 Conklin, Carl F
 Conklin, Carl
 Conklin, Carrie Mae
 Conklin, Edward
 Conklin, Ezra
 Conklin, Helen
 Conklin, Infant
 Conklin, James Lewis Sr
 Conklin, Lewis
 Conklin, Martha
 Conklin, Mary
 Conklin, Rose Alice
 Conklin, Rosetta
 Conklin, Ruth
 Conklin, Samuel
 Conklin, William Henry
 Conner, Emma
 Conner, Handra
 Conner, Rolls
 Connor, Joseph
 Conover, David
 Conover, Harry
 Conover, Ida
 Conover, Infant
 Conover, Phoebe
 Conover, Rebecca
 Conover, Wilson
 Conoway, Mary
 Conrad, Gerald
 Conrad, Ivory
 Conrad, Katy
 Conrad, Walter
 Cook, Bessie Orr
 Cook, Malcom
 Cook, Marjorie
 Cook, R harvey
 Cooper, Cora
 Cooper, Margaret Ann

 Cooper, Martha
 Cooper, Morton
 Cooper, Nancy
 Corrington, James
 Corrington, Mary Ann
 Corrington, Mary
 Corrington, Walter
 Corwin, Daniel
 Corwin, Elizabeth
 Cottongim, Pauline
 Coulter, Alvin
 Coulter, Ann
 Coulter, Caroline
 Coulter, Catherine
 Coulter, Charles
 Coulter, Charlotte
 Coulter, Curtis
 Coulter, Dora Kreebs
 Coulter, Edwin Clark
 Coulter, Elizabeth
 Coulter, Elmer
 Coulter, Emma
 Coulter, Grace
 Coulter, Infant
 Coulter, Isabella
 Coulter, James
 Coulter, John
 Coulter, Lucinda
 Coulter, Mabel
 Coulter, Margaret
 Coulter, Mrs
 Coulter, Pearl
 Coulter, Roy Everett
 Coulter, Sarah
 Coulter, Thomas
 Coulter, William
 Covington, Mary Ann
 Cowan, Clarence A
 Cowan, James L
 Cowan, Marjorie B
 Cox, Clarence
 Cox, Corey
 Cox, Donald Cody
 Cox, Eugene Jr
 Cox, James
 Cox, Jospeh
 Cracraft, Randolph Ross
 Craig, Agnes
 Craig, Archibald
 Craig, Bess
 Craig, Edith
 Craig, Harry Joseph
 Craig, Jessie L
 Craig, John William
 Craig, Mary A
 Craig, Mrs
 Craig, William J
 Craig, William
 Cramer, Bertha
 Cramer, Hugh Lambert
 Cramer, Infant
 Crampton, Charles
 Crampton, Emeline
 Crampton, J H
 Crampton, John
 Crane, Arthur
 Crane, Clara
 Crane, Gertrude Luella
 Crane, Jack Fuller
 Crane, Lydia Hoag
 Crane, Mary
 Crane, Moses
 Crane, Noah
 Crane, Salome
 Crane, Viola
 Crawford, A A
 Crawford, Abigail
 Crawford, Edna
 Crawford, Howard R
 Crawford, Isaiah Hatt
 Crawford, James
 Crawford, Jeffery Lynn
 Crawford, Levina
 Crawford, Matt
 Crawford, Pearl
 Crawford, Phebe
 Crawford, Sarah
 Creader, Claude
 Creager, Annette
 Creager, William James
 Crehore, James
 Crehore, Mary Abrams
 Crell, Carl
 Crew, Florence
 Crosby, James
 Crosby, Sarah
 Cross, Albert
 Cross, Charles
 Cross, Cornelia
 Cross, Cyrus
 Cross, Edward
 Cross, Edwin
 Cross, Elizabeth
 Cross, H bennett
 Cross, Horace Castleton
 Cross, J A
 Cross, Jacob
 Cross, Kate
 Cross, Laura
 Cross, Leroy
 Cross, Mary
 Cross, Nathaniel
 Cross, Ruby R King
 Cross, Sarah
 Cross, Sophronia
 Crouse, Daniel
 Cruger, Claude
 Crume, Anna
 Crume, Moses
 Crume, Sarah
 Culler, Isabelle Carnes
 Culler, Joseph Albestus
 Culp, June
 Culp, Sherwood
 Cumming, Helen
 Curl, Daniel Stacy Sr
 Curl, Samuel Lee
 Curran, Austin Ray
 Cutler, Lucy