Oxford Cemetery Interment records

note: To protect privacy, only the top half of the front of the interment card is available online.
A (133)
B (640)
C (388)
D (284)
E (83)
F (264)
G (240)
H (531)
I (35)
J (122)
K (249)
L (241)
M (587)
N (85)
O (78)
P (212)
Q (4)
R (311)
S (658)
T (134)
U (30)
V (40)
W (460)
X (0)
Y (37)
Z (13)
New (0)

 Dahlman, Marye
 Damm, Cara
 Damm, Celia
 Damm, Edward
 Damm, George
 Damm, Robert
 Daniels, Jeanette
 Daniels, Paul Mason
 Danielson, Elizabeth
 Danser, Amy
 Danser, Ida
 Danser, Lee
 Danser, Weller
 Darling, Jennie
 Davies, Flavills
 Davies, Hilda
 Davies, Jenkin
 Davis, Alpha
 Davis, Anna
 Davis, Benjamin
 Davis, Catharine
 Davis, Charles
 Davis, Chartle
 Davis, Dunham
 Davis, Edna
 Davis, Ella
 Davis, Florence
 Davis, Harris
 Davis, J S
 Davis, James
 Davis, Jefferson
 Davis, John
 Davis, Joseph
 Davis, Leroy
 Davis, Louise
 Davis, Lucille
 Davis, Mary
 Davis, Middleton
 Davis, Monica
 Davis, Rachel
 Davis, Richard
 Davis, Sarah
 Davis, Schuyler
 Davis, Thomas
 Davis, Virginia
 Davis, William
 Davison, William
 Day, Carl C
 Day, Edward M
 Day, Flora Bell
 Day, Grace
 Day, Harold Gene
 Day, Howard M
 Day, John B
 Day, John Harrison
 Day, Mary Elizabeth
 Day, Mary Louise
 Day, Mollie Kilburn
 Day, Ona M
 Day, Ray
 Day, Zora
 Dean, Margaret
 Decamp, David
 Decamp, Ezekiel
 Decamp, Mary
 Decamp, Sallie
 Decamp, Sarah
 Decamp, Walter
 Decker, Alfred
 Decker, Emma
 Decker, Flora
 Decker, James
 Decker, Orrie
 Decker, Richard
 Demand, Francis
 Demand, Harry
 Demand, Leopold
 Demand, Mary
 Demeyer, Frank
 Demeyer, Genevieve
 Demske, Edward
 Deneen, Angeline
 Deneen, Calvin
 Deneen, Edison
 Dennison, Earl
 Dennison, Elva
 Dennison, Frances
 Dennison, Glenn
 Dennison, Guy
 Dennison, Jackson
 Dennison, Mildred
 Dennison, Nelle
 Deonier, Bryan
 Depew, Billie

 Depew, General Sheridan
 Depew, Mattie
 Derickson, Helen
 Derickson, Joy
 Dewitt, Bennie
 Dewitt, Clinton
 Dewitt, Dollie
 Dewitt, Elizabeth
 Dewitt, Francis
 Dewitt, Harriet
 Dewitt, Harry
 Dewitt, Jannie
 Dewitt, Margaret
 Dewitt, Melissa
 Dewitt, Nannie
 Dewitt, Richard
 Dewitt, Willie
 Dewitt, Z T
 Dickinson, John
 Dickinson, Marjorie
 Diefenbacher, Fannie
 Dilg, Robert
 Dill, Mary
 Dillman, Fredericka
 Dillman, Henry
 Dillman, Peter
 Dingledine, Earl
 Dingledine, Gerald
 Dingledine, Laleta
 Djung, Bertha
 Dlanni, Claire
 Dodd, Frank
 Dodds, Andrew
 Dodds, Bertha
 Dodds, David
 Dodds, Ed
 Dodds, Edwin
 Dodds, Eleanor
 Dodds, Hannah
 Dodds, Harry
 Dodds, Helen
 Dodds, Hester
 Dodds, Margaret
 Dodds, Viola
 Dodge, Amaziah
 Dodge, Eliza
 Dodge, Harriet
 Dodge, John
 Dodge, Nancy
 Dodge, Thomas
 Doepper, Paul
 Doepper, Ramona
 Dole, Benjamin
 Dole, Betsey
 Dole, Maria
 Dolibois, Brian
 Dolibois, John
 Dolibois, Winifred
 Dollahan, Hannah
 Dollahan, Thomas
 Donald, Gertrude
 Doner, John
 Doner, Marg
 Doner, Samuel
 Donnell, Ralph
 Donnell, Richard
 Dorsey, Charlie
 Dorsey, Unknown
 Doty, Alfred
 Doty, Eddie
 Doty, Estella
 Doty, George
 Doty, Olive
 Doty, Pricilla
 Doty, Samuel
 Douglass, Albert
 Douglass, Anna
 Douglass, Archibald
 Douglass, Bruce
 Douglass, Carl
 Douglass, Charles
 Douglass, Dale
 Douglass, Daryl
 Douglass, Dwight
 Douglass, Edna
 Douglass, Eleanore
 Douglass, Eliza
 Douglass, Elizabeth
 Douglass, Essa
 Douglass, Essie
 Douglass, George
 Douglass, Glenn
 Douglass, Hershell
 Douglass, Hubert
 Douglass, Infant
 Douglass, Isabell

 Douglass, Isabelle
 Douglass, Isaiah
 Douglass, Jannie
 Douglass, Jay
 Douglass, John
 Douglass, Joseph
 Douglass, Karl
 Douglass, Karol
 Douglass, Laura
 Douglass, Lessie
 Douglass, Lida
 Douglass, Lillian
 Douglass, Margaret
 Douglass, Martha
 Douglass, Mary
 Douglass, Mildred
 Douglass, Minnie
 Douglass, Olive
 Douglass, Robert
 Douglass, Romulus
 Douglass, Rosalie
 Douglass, Rose
 Douglass, Samuel
 Douglass, Sophia
 Douglass, Theodore
 Douglass, Thomas
 Douglass, Walter
 Douglass, William
 Dowd, Timothy
 Dowey, Eddie
 Downard, J S
 Downard, Naomi
 Downs, Leonard
 Downs, Robert
 Drake, Cathy Faye
 Drake, Ora
 Drake, Rolla
 Druley, Elizabeth
 Druley, Paul
 Duckett, Danelda
 Duerr, Anna
 Duerr, John
 Duerr, Mary A Barrett
 Duerr, Mary
 Duess, Jacob
 Duffey, Frank
 Duffey, Gwendolyn
 Dukate, Alan
 Duke, Arthur
 Duke, Eliza
 Duke, Elizabeth
 Duke, James
 Duke, John
 Duke, Sarah
 Duke, William
 Dulgarian, Corrine
 Dumas, Dorthy
 Dunaway, Amy
 Dunaway, Beatrice
 Dunaway, Benjamin
 Dunaway, Charles
 Dunaway, Ethal
 Dunaway, George
 Dunaway, Harry
 Dunaway, Infant
 Dunaway, James
 Dunaway, Pearline
 Dunaway, Robert
 Dunett, Joseph
 Dunnaway, Robert
 Dunscombe, Alice
 Dunwoody, Robert
 Duvall, Adda
 Duvall, Alexander
 Duvall, Amy
 Duvall, Ella
 Duvall, Emma
 Duvall, Eva
 Duvall, Flora
 Duvall, Fred
 Duvall, John
 Duvall, Julia
 Duvall, Louis
 Duvall, Martha
 Duvall, Mary
 Duvall, Michael
 Duvall, Moses
 Duvall, Paul
 Duvall, Ralph
 Duvall, Randolph C
 Duvall, Randolph S
 Duvall, Robert