Burial Information

The cemetery is open for interments from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Burials are also available on Saturday and Sunday for an additional charge added to the weekday interment fee.

In-Ground Burial

Lots are available for an in-ground burial of a body in a casket placed in a vault in the ground. Interment of two or more bodies in one grave is not permitted except in the case of parent and infant or two infants. Cremains may be buried in an urn in a lot. A maximum of two cremains is permitted.

Cremation Niches

Another option for those seeking a place for ashes following cremation is in the columbarium, located in the cemetery chapel. Individual niches in the columbarium offer space for the urn to be placed behind glass. A name plaque in memory of the deceased may be added.

Please contact our office at 513 523-2874 for a personalized consultation at which time prices for your desired arrangements can be made.


  1. US military markers are permitted and are to be placed on the monument or when necessary, in front of the monument in a location determined by the cemetery management.
  2. Every year, cemetery volunteers place American flags at the gravesites of US military veterans. The flags are placed for the Memorial Day recognition and remain on the gravesite for two weeks.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

An information guide with the various rules of the cemetery.